JFK Logistics - Fabcon Precast

JFK Logistics

Woodmere, NY

Situated near John F. Kennedy airport on Long Island and the apex of major highways with access to New York, New Jersey and several shipping ports, this three-story e-commerce warehouse facilitates last-mile delivery in the New York City region. The 520 precast insulated wall pieces consist of stacked 8ft wide painted VersaCore wall panels. The non-composite extruded walls provide a thermal envelope for the structure in a region prone to inclement weather.

Because of a tight construction site access was limited and logistics had to be coordinated to minimize impact to surrounding areas. The schedule also played a crucial role in the success of this project with installation of the panels commencing in the winter. Working with the general contractor, Fabcon was able to coordinate on time on site deliveries which eliminated the need to store panels on site and occupy drop lots in a high-density city center. The use of precast concrete insulated walls also minimized the number of trades involved which allowed the building to be enclosed in just 49 days.

Due to its location in a populous city center, as well as being near the coast, it was required that the building exterior provide both security and protection from the elements. The use of precast accomplished this goal by providing the structure the resiliency and durability needed to secure and protect the building occupants.

Project Details

  • Architect
    Ware Malcomb
  • General Contractor
    March Associates Construction Inc.
  • Finish
    Painted Form
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