Fabcon Precast leads the industry in structural concrete manufacturers

 Leading an industry since there’s been an industry to lead.

Fabcon practically invented structural precast panels back in 1971. Since then, we’ve reinvented them at least twice. Our panels possess the speed, performance and versatility to impress building owners, architects and general contractors alike. We’ve built a rock-solid reputation by working with and satisfying powerful organizations with an eye for cost-effective growth.





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When we say BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER, we’re talking about more than just our panels.

There’s a lot more to Fabcon’s value proposition than a great precast panel. The truth is, Fabcon can begin adding value at even the very earliest stages of your project. Fabcon’s complete vertical integration of services starts with predesign consultation and literally spans every subsequent step of the construction cycle up until the doors open. Whether you’ve done hundreds of projects or you’re incorporating a precast building envelope for the first time, our early involvement can create efficiencies right from the word GO!


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Fabcon’s structural plans are designed to meet demanding loads. We partner with your structural team to ensure that our panels match your project specifications. Our engineering plans interface directly with our automated manufacturing process to ensure openings, connections and finishes all meet MNL-116 and -117 quality tolerances.


Precast concrete manufacturers


Fabcon’s eight manufacturing facilities are PCI-certified. Our technicians are dedicated to continuous improvement throughout every phase of production. Each year, in all our plants, Fabcon invests in equipment and automation innovations designed to meet the growing needs of our customers.


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Fabcon’s yard operations include storage, quality inspections, finish treatments and delivery sequencing. Our preconstruction experts will create an on-site delivery and staging strategy so site operations flow smoothly. Fabcon’s integrated approach guarantees quality while saving time and reducing cost.

Fabcon precast concrete manufacturers


Fabcon’s 30 crews of PCI-Certified Erectors are expertly trained, highly experienced and can set an average of 250–350 linear feet of panels per day. Installation methods are matched to the specifications of the building foundation and structural design and may be free-standing, temporary shore, or permanent steel.

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Our eight manufacturing locations mean you have options.

Our strategically-placed manufacturing facilities give Fabcon an effective span of delivery that includes most everything east of the Rockies and north of the Gulf Coast. By working closely with architects, general contractors, and structural engineers early in the process, Fabcon’s involvement can help create efficiencies that save everyone time and money.



With Fabcon, you can have it all.
We call it Functional Aesthetics.

You don’t have to choose between performance, value and aesthetics. It’s your building, and we never forget that. You started with a very specific vision. We’re the partner that can bring it to life quickly, efficiently…perfectly. Fabcon panels are Architectural Grade and built-to-order. The finish, the color, the width and even the thermal performance is up to you…it’s ALL up to you. That’s what Functional Aesthetics is all about—performance without compromising your vision.




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Speed is more than a feature. It’s a strategy.

The sooner a building opens its doors, the sooner it starts paying for itself. Speed saves money. Fabcon’s ability to construct beautiful buildings faster is no accident. Our sequential manufacturing and delivery of a project’s panels ensure that our PCI-certified installation crews are kept in perfect pace, never having too many or too few panels on the job site. We’re with you from the moment we begin the engineering process to the moment the last panel stands perfectly plumb.

Here’s the bottom line:

— A 25,000 sq. foot gourmet grocery store in 4-6 days
— A 50,000 sq. foot craft brewery in 8-10 days
— A 150,000 sq. foot HQ, manufacturing facility and warehouse in 20-25 days
— A 400,000 sq. foot regional distribution center in 40-45 days




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