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Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

Fabcon is committed to caring for our people as our most important asset. We believe that all accidents are preventable. Safety is a condition of employment at Fabcon therefore personal accountability for safe behaviors and actions is our top priority across the company.

We are committed to providing a safe, injury-free workplace by integrating safety into our daily business decisions and processes. We continuously focus on preplanning and being proactive to head off incidents before they occur. To avoid potential reoccurrences all incidents and injuries are investigated and real-time learning is applied.

Engagement from senior leadership and management drives the effort behind this important Fabcon value. All employees are responsible for both their safety and the safety of those around them. To drive continuous improvement, employee engagement and feedback is a critical element of the overall environmental, health and safety program thus ensuring all ideas are collected and acted upon. We strive to recognize safe behaviors, safety accomplishments and great performance to nurture a positive safety culture. We actively promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage employees to proactively manage their personal health.

We will comply with all applicable regulatory and Fabcon Environmental Health & Safety (­EHS) requirements across all operational functions and locations.

We will be a responsible member of the communities in which we live and work. Overall, we are committed to continually improving our ­EHS standards, culture and performance, and will transparently report our performance goals and metrics. We will continue to maintain appropriate controls, including periodic review, to ensure that this policy is being followed.



Quality Statement

Fabcon builds quality into our products and processes striving to surpass customer expectations and strengthen the Fabcon brand. Quality is the responsibility of every Fabcon employee.

Integrity is achieved through objective, honest, ethical actions and transparent communication.

A highly trained accountable workforce is key to a successful quality system.

A culture of diversity, innovation and creativity enhances Quality.

Continuous improvement in quality is driven by LEAN manufacturing practices and applying industry standards.

Celebrating our successes creates company pride.

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