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Fabcon precast gives you options & flexibility.

Today’s precast panels are a far cry from the hollow-core panels first introduced in the early 1970s. Fabcon nearly reinvented the category in 2001 with the introduction of VersaCore panels. Since then Fabcon has refined and re-engineered panel performance profiles to match the needs of our customer.

Our expanded manufacturing capabilities offer you more choices, more flexibility and higher precast performance. Our VersaCore+Green Sandwich panel offers R-values up to an impressive R-28.2. Our individual panels can reach heights of 73 feet and growing, and depending on the plant of origin, panel widths up to 13 ft. 6 in. With proper structural considerations, multiple precast panels can be connected to achieve multi-story construction.

Each precast wall panel has 58% Recycled Content, Up to R-28.2, Panel Heights up to 73 feet



Fabcon Precast VersaCore and green

VersaCore precast concrete sandwich panels

Loads of speed, performance and versatility engineered into every panel.

VersaCore+Green is our standard panel. Packed with equal parts performance and value, it is an ideal precast panel solution when the additional thermal performance and cost of a sandwich panel is unnecessary. Still highly capable thermally, VersaCore+Green delivers R-values ranging from a LEED-friendly R-13.6 in an 8-inch thick panel up to R-20.2 in a 12-inch thick panel.

VersaCore Panel precast concrete CAD drawing




VersaCore Plus Green Sandwich Logo

Precast concrete sandwich panels illustration

Thermal performance at its structural finest.

Fabcon’s VersaCore+Green Sandwich panel provides outstanding thermal performance. Its continuous 2.5-inch layer of insulation increases the static R-value by as much as 250% over many construction methods, including site-cast panels and CMU construction. A Versacore+Green Sandwich panel is the only standard precast panel that has a 4-hour fire rating.


VersaCore precast sandwich panel Cross Section CAD


VersaCore+Green Versacore+Green Sandwich
MAX HEIGHT Up to 73 ft. 55 ft.
WIDTHS 20"–13'6" 20"–13'6"
R-VALUE R-13.6 and up R-28.2
CONCRETE STRENGTH 7,000–9,000 psi 7,000–9,000 psi
RECYCLED CONTENT Up to 58% Up to 58%
FIRE RATING Up to 4 hours Up to 4 hours
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