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From family kitchen to national company, Raining Rose made a 122,000 square-foot architectural upgrade—which houses honesty, integrity…and thousands of pounds of beeswax in the heart of Cedar Rapids.


What started as a hobby in a small family kitchen in 1996 has quickly transformed into a highly successful company—backed by honesty, integrity, and thousands of pounds of beeswax. From lip balm to beard products, Raining Rose is committed to creating quality products with the highest quality ingredients.

The transition from kitchen to company required Raining Rose to make a huge architectural upgrade. They needed serious space…fast. With Morning Star Studio Architects and Primus Construction General Contractor, they made the move into a custom 122,000 square-foot facility in the heart of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


Raining Rose depended on Fabcon to deliver a design that met their demanding product loads and the growing needs of their customers. For a company that makes raw material retail-ready on-site and uses 30,000 pounds of beeswax a month, uninterrupted space was a must. Fabcon’s load-bearing panels eliminated the need for perimeter columns and helped create more usable space.

Because Raining Rose uses primarily organic ingredients and consistently works to eliminate waste, they also needed to avoid harmful temperature fluctuations in their new facility. Fabcon’s VersaCore+Green™ Panels are capable of reaching R-values of up to R-28.2, meaning heating and cooling costs were kept in check and their products kept safe from Iowa’s seasonal temperature extremes.

Raining Rose Front


FABCON’S DESIGN FLEXIBILITY AND PERFORMANCE ATTRIBUTES GAVE THEM A STRUCTURE ABLE TO HELP THEM GROW AND MAINTAIN THEIR REPUTATION OF BEING A COMPANY WITH WHOM BRANDS BIG AND SMALL WANT TO WORK.Along with the functionality of the new structure, the exterior needed to match the company’s friendly, easy-to-work-with personality. Fabcon specializes in Functional Aesthetics™—the idea that appearance doesn’t have to be sacrificed for performance—so this was a natural partnership. A painted steel form finish gives the building a sleek, professional look. Painted blocks, modern windows, and a large glass entrance add splashes of color, brightness, and a welcoming feel.

Raining Rose’s CEO stated that their new facility allows them to be flexible with deadlines and keep up with their clients’ ever-changing needs: “Our core values form ASPIRE: Attitude, Safety, Passion, Integrity, Relationship, and Evolve. These values drive our decision-making and are the reason we have a reliable, friendly staff. This means when you work with us, you can be sure that your brand is in the care of a company you can trust.”

The company’s beginnings in a family kitchen in 1996 seem like another lifetime. Now, their state-of-the-art facility holds over 250 employees and is the home to success, efficiency, honesty, and integrity. Raining Rose was thrilled that they didn’t have to give up aesthetic value to have a well-performing, spacious facility.

They won’t forget their humble roots, but Raining Rose is looking forward to a bright and busy future. Fabcon’s design flexibility and performance attributes gave them a structure able to help them grow and maintain their reputation of being a company with whom brands big and small want to work.


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