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Ask the Hard Questions

Innovating in Business

As the joke goes, Minnesota only has two seasons: winter and road construction. We can’t do much for either of those, but we think Fabcon precast panels can shorten construction season. In our 47-year history, we’ve made huge strides by emphasizing speed, efficiency, and precision. We believe there’s always room to improve, and we inject these values into everything we do.

The quest for progress is championed through our President and CEO, Tom Kuckhahn. He’s been with Fabcon for 20-plus years, and he embodies this progressive attitude. He started as a structural designer and moved his way up. He’s a problem solver at heart. “We believe there’s always a better way,” Kuckhahn says.

Fabcon’s pursuit of improvement has led to strides that benefit our consumer, our company, and our Earth. Fabcon created VersaCore in 2001, giving buildings a higher percentage of recycled content and energy efficiency. From there, we created a VersaCore+Green wall system, which uses up to 58% recycled content and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. The improvements don’t stop there— safety and structural integrity are always a top concern. “You don’t get to be in the construction and heavy manufacturing business and not have safety as a strong priority,” Tom Kuckhahn said in a recent interview.

Our efforts are invested in improvement and growth, but we want to make sure everything is healthy and sustainable. We’ve made an effort to expand to all possible markets in recent years. Fabcon currently has manufacturing sites in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota, and Kansas. Almost all projects are within 200 miles of a plant, which means we are capable of reaching up to 33 states. Our outreach plan has worked well; Fabcon expects to put up 14 million square feet of wall panels this year.

If you’re in need of a large single-story building, no matter your business, think Fabcon. We get buildings up fast, but that’s about more than just precast wall panels. It’s about our desire to innovate our product, systems, and the way we conduct business. After 47 years of Fabcon, we still cherish these values.

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