Building Community With Every Structure - Fabcon Precast

Building Community With Every Structure

Shakopee Ice Arena Front

Fabcon precast panels help take community projects further. From schools to churches, YMCAs to hospitals, ice arenas to community centers, the right building can bring people together. No matter the purpose, our experience has shown that projects like these share a common theme. Budgets run tight. And timelines, even tighter.

Fabcon’s Dick Duckstad has been a part of hundreds of planning meetings. And while there’s often a desire to do something splashy, community projects tend to keep an eye on the larger prize – delivering impact for the people and communities the building will serve.

That’s where Fabcon precast panels can help.

“Costs keep going up everywhere,” says Duckstad. “And while we’re not a custom pre-caster like some out there, ours is very much a system. We’re fast and our panels are efficient, which makes it a very economical choice in a lot of these instances.”

This can be attributed to the design of the panels themselves, along with the ease in which they’re delivered on site.

“The insulation makes it lighter so you can get incrementally more on a truck,” says Duckstad, “and that’s where the economics come in. Plus, we can achieve R-values a lot of other precasters can’t.”

These are all reasons why many builders rely on our 12” VersaCore+Green™ sandwich panels and their impressive R-value of 28.2.

Buildings we’re a part of have inherent advantages. First, these structures tend to have multifunctional appeal. So what may originally have been built as a church can easily be reconfigured to be a showroom or a warehouse. This creates clear advantages at resale. Next, our panels are part of a system. So if you’re a school and enrollment swells, or you need to add another sheet at the ice arena, it’s entirely possible to expand the footprint of a building or make adjustments to the original

“We’re getting more and more calls to come in and revamp buildings we helped build 20 years ago,” said Fabcon’s Dave Stanton. “We can actually grow the building using a combination of new and existing panels. We’ll remove a section of wall. Move it 100 feet down and install new panels to expand the footprint of the building.”

While the overall structure is one consideration, so too are aesthetics when you’re looking to renovate an existing building.

“Steel form panels, of course, can be painted any color,” said Stanton. “But we can also incorporate colored aggregate that’s specific to the region it’s pulled from. Since we maintain control of all facets of the production process, we’re quite adept at matching existing aggregate panels. Even as they’ve weathered over the years.”

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