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It Takes a Village

You’re only as good as your people

There’s a good many details that go into constructing a building. Every step of the way there’s an opportunity to add value or pass the buck. There’s not a computer or an algorithm in existence
that can replace an intelligent employee empowered to do great things. It’s hard to put a fair and accurate value on the importance of really good people… it’s unlikely that you can overestimate
their importance.

Our organization has been very fortunate. We’ve hired and retained great people. A quick poll in our office and you’ll encounter scores of people with 25, 30 years of tenure with Fabcon. Their mere existence speaks volumes. The construction industry is alive and well in the Twin Cities, and it’s fiercely competitive. We’re fortunate; most of our people feel like they’re getting something more than a salary and benefits package. I suspect they feel like they’re a part of something. In my 36 years here, I can assure you that I have felt that way.

From our clients’ perspective, there’s a very practical side to retaining talent. A solid chunk of our business comes from organizations or individuals that have worked with us before. We’ve helped
them succeed before and they understand our product; they’ve experienced our value proposition first hand and they know exactly what they can expect from us. We’re equally familiar with
their unique challenges and critical needs. That’s good for everyone. Familiarity does not breed contempt…at least not when it comes to commercial construction.

That’s not to say we’re not looking for more great people–growth demands that we do. We need doers, dreamers, mathy types, planners and plotters, managers, artists and the chronically curious.
It takes a village to do what we do, and the best villages are rich in diversity. Maybe you’re looking for something new. If you’re good at something, we might have a spot in our village that’s perfect
for you. Just be prepared to be challenged… and be prepared to stay.

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