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Showing the Way Awards Q2 2019

Winners & Finalists

Congratulations to all the nominees of our peer recognition program, Showing the Way! This program is intended for employees to recognize their peers’ commitment to and demonstration of the seven values in the Fabcon Way; nothing comes before safety and qualitycustomers should find it easy to do business with us, we should act with integrity, in nurturing a spirit of innovation, people should be treated with respect, and there is always a better way.  With this award, we seek to reinforce our culture by recognizing the one person who best personifies each value during the previous year. 

Q2 Nominees:

Showing the Way Award – Safety

Winner – David McCurrey, Production Laborer, KS

Finalist – Jesse Hennen, QA Technician, MN

Finalist – Juan Abreu, Laborer, PA

Finalist – Kevin Rasmussen, Foreman, MN


Showing the Way Award – Integrity

Winner – Gene Miller, Sales Engineer, PA

Finalist – Brian Sizemore, Patching Foreman, OH

Finalist – Jennifer Dunlop, HR Generalist, KS

Finalist – Jeremy Jimenez, Field Superintendent, MN

Finalist – Stacey Setlock, HR – Plant Assistant, PA

Nomination excerpt – David McCurrey, Safety award winner: “David has not only shown a commitment to safety but has shown to be a leader in safety on the strip and setup crew. He always makes it a point to not only work safely himself but to look out for the people around him. He has identified several safety issues/hazards and has brought them to the attention of his supervisors and/or the EHS Manager in a timely manner and has worked with both to determine solutions to those safety issues/hazards; often taking personal ownership of those solutions. He regularly takes new hires under his wing and coaches them on doing their work in a safe manner and is always looking out for his fellow workers that demonstrate safe work ethics/practices, so that they can be recognized for their commitment to safety. David is an equipment trainer, a safety committee member, and a driving force for safety at the Kansas plant.” 

Nomination excerpt – Gene Miller, Integrity award winner: “Gene Miller’s actions display his integrity in every way. I have yet to meet a harder worker. He works hard, never complains and typically only asks what else he could do for you. If that is not integrity, I do not know what is. I consider this above and beyond because it is so rare. Most people just look out for themselves. I would not only consider Gene as a great employee but as a great person. Gene was an Assistant Sales Engineer for years and for a long time carried a workload of 3 people. But he never gives an excuse and always offers to help others in need. He does it unofficially and without fanfare or need for recognition. Some of his biggest accomplishments are hidden as he gives the credit to others. Overall, he is one of the kindest people I know and does it because it is the right thing to do.”

Congratulations again to all award winners and finalists and thank you to those that participated in the nomination process! The categories for Q3 are Quality and Innovation. Nominations can be made using the Showing the Way Award Nomination Form located on the homepage of SharePoint. 

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