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Thinking about building? Let’s talk sooner than later.

Our structural precast panels end up in a broad spectrum of projects: grocery stores, ice arenas, home centers, manufacturing facilities, data and fulfillment centers… you name it, we’ve built it. Human involvement has been equally varied as well.

We’ve spent hours poring over technical details with structural engineers and entire months obsessing over aggregate colors with architects. But sometimes the process starts with a business owner that has little more than an idea sketched on a napkin. It’s never too early to get Fabcon involved; you don’t have to be a commercial building professional to initiate the process.

A simple cup of coffee with the right person can get the ball rolling. In our organization, it all starts with a rare and indispensable individual called a sales engineer. At Fabcon, a sales engineer is a powerful combination of engineer, general contractor, architect and wingman. They’ve seen hundreds (sometimes thousands) of buildings erected, and they can help you steer clear of some common mistakes.

The strength of Fabcon’s vertical integration makes us a great organization to have in your corner right from the start. We design, manufacture and install our wall panels. We’ve spent over 45-years partnering with GCs, developers, architectural firms and owners across 39 states and 4 provinces. Additionally, we’ve worked alongside HVAC and electrical designers and installers, ready-mix contractors, structural steel experts, excavators, glazing companies, etc. We manufacture and erect around 118 million feet of building envelope every year… it’s safe to say we know a few people. We can help you understand what lies ahead and what type of team you’ll need to complete your dream–as cost-effectively and as quickly as possible.

The idea of undertaking a commercial construction project may sound intimidating–and let’s be honest, it’s serious business. Don’t let that stand between you and realizing your vision. With a partner like Fabcon on your side, you’re that much closer to turning that napkin sketch into something tangible.

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