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Winter Will Arrive As Scheduled

Building in a challenging climate

Fabcon Panel Installation in Winter

We live in a place where winter shapes our decisions…so much so that we’ve declared Minnesota the State of Hockey. Right about now is the time that winter starts to creep into the daily thoughts of people in the business of building buildings. Things can get ugly.

As it pertains to the pouring and curing of concrete, the American Concrete Institute defines cold weather as a period when “for more than three successive days the average daily air temperature drops below 40°F/5°C and stays below 50°F/10°C for more than one-half of any 24 hour period.” It’s safe to say the Twin Cities has its share of cold weather.

Cold weather conditions can prove particularly challenging for building contractors because cold weather affects project schedules, construction quality, and employee safety. If site-cast concrete or masonry mortar freeze before they’ve developed sufficient strength to resist the expansive forces of freezing water, the disruption of ice crystals will result in an irreparable loss in strength—as much as 50 percent of the ultimate strength of the material. Cold is hard on people, too. Masons are continually exposed to the cold, putting them at risk of frostbite if they don’t take frequent breaks. It generally makes them grumpy, as well. Fabcon, however, is built for the cold weather.

Smart contractors and developers can combat sub-freezing (and colder) conditions with innovative building materials and construction methods. Structural, pre-stressed precast concrete panels keep building projects on schedule regardless of the weather.

Fabcon’s precast panels are poured and cured in the controlled environments of our manufacturing facilities, ensuring quality and consistency. By the time our panels arrive on a job site, they’re stable and ready to go. And because our PCI-certified installation crews specialize in this specific style of construction, not a moment is wasted. Even large-scale projects can be enclosed in a matter of days. Structural precast panels provide load-bearing support once erected, giving site managers more flexibility over the construction schedule. Precast also provides an immediate barrier to the elements, allowing work to be done inside the building. So let it snow… we’re ready when you are.

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